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ClearFont 2


ClearFont 2
CF v20000-2
CF v20000-1
CF v11200-2
CF v11200-1
CF v11100-3
CF v11100-2
CF v11100-1
CF v11000-4
CF v11000-3
CF v11000-2
CF v11000-1

CF and CF2 ChangeLog

A full changelog is included in the download.
This page lists only the changes in CF v11000-1 and later. See also the v10900-3 and earlier changelog.

ClearFont 2

Main changes

The options


WoWAce Trac


Update to go on the Ace SVN!

Commented out some lines causing AddOn Blocked errors!

Fixed a font problem where it wouldn't resize properly down to small values.

Removed Raid Class Colour overrides - caused more addon blocked errors!

General info updates to all files


Changed .toc to 20000!

Restored 'original' font, and added new font choices!

Renamed "!ClearFont" folder to "ClearFont".

Added ability to override class colours! (disabled by default)

ClearFont.lua overrides cleaned!

ClearFontAddons.lua override changes.

More font info!

Design changes!


Burning Crusade updates!

Bug fixes!

New font packs!


Updated for patch 1.12!

New default font!

New font packs!

v11100-3 (fontless)

Changed the included font to a temporary alternative

ClearFont.lua updated for 1.12!


New method of changing all text sizes at once

Updated documentation


Updated for Patch 1.11

Updated font files

Cut down number of coded addon overrides

Removed mini website


General fixes & changes to some addon overrides

Split the code into two files - ClearFont.lua and ClearFontAddons.lua


General fixes & additions to some addon overrides

Changed Number Font again!

Rewritten ClearFont.lua & the readme


Renamed ClearFont folder !ClearFont

Removed SCT 3.5.4 override

Font size fixes

Minor style changes


ClearFont.lua added

ClearFont.toc updated

Mini Website now included

New number font style!

More addon overrides!

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April 2014