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ReadMe.txt - ClearFont2

This page is the most up-to-date location for help customising ClearFont2. Discuss here!


a. Installation

b. Modifying ClearFont

c. AddOn Overrides

d. Known Issues

e. Other Info

a. Installation

Remember to delete previous versions when updating!

Step One

Simply unzip the files and place the ClearFont2 folder in the <WoW directory>\Interface\AddOns\ folder.

Step Two (optional)

This part overrides all the remaining WoW fonts - including the login screens!


To uninstall, just remove the ClearFont2 folders!

b. Modifying ClearFont

Switching between supplied fonts

Use the in-game options menu! Note that to change the ChatFrame font, you will have to reload the UI - type /rl.

Using your own fonts and font packs

You can download several font packs for ClearFont2 from
Each pack should follow the name format of "ClearFont2 - FontPack_X", and they should seamlessly add their fonts to the in-game options menu.

If you wish to create your own font pack, the easiest method is to take a look at the existing font packs and create your own following the same style.
What occurs is that the info from the 'plugin' addon is seamlessly added to the master table of font options that CF2 uses.

Changing the main UI font styles

The Design.lua file can be edited easily in notepad, and is annotated with extra information to help guide you.
Note that you will lose your changes if you completely update ClearFont2.

More about the normal, bold, italic, bold-italic and number substyles

In order to provide some variety to WoW, 5 different styles are used in the design code.
A general guide to their use is given below:

Changing the text size

Use the in-game options menu to scale all font sizes, or you can edit individual sections of the UI by editing the Design.lua file.

c. Addon Overrides

ClearFont2 and overrides

I have removed the individual overrides from ClearFont2, as they are no longer particularly neccessary.

However, the addon now also includes rudimentary code to ensure most addons use the ClearFont2 fonts.
This code can be switched on and off via the in-game options menu.

Step Two of the install - a simple and fast manual override

Follow Step Two of the install process (see Installation).
This will override addons that reference stock WoW typefaces and has the added benefit of overriding the login screen fonts!

If SCT is not overridden by this, make sure the options are set to defaults, or follow the below.

How to override addons that use/supply their own fonts

Certain addons come with their own fonts which are easily overridden.
In each case you can use a renamed copy of the font you desire in place the the supplied font.

d. Known Issues

Text showing as '...'?

This appears to be the result of a bug in WoW, and often affects players with a screen resolution of around 1680x1050.
It is related to the UI scale, and is easily resolved!

Not affecting the Chat window font?

Try deleting your chat-cache.txt file.
This is located under the <WoW directory>\WTF\Account\<accountname>\<server>\<charactername>\ folder.
Also, try disabling any addons or parts of addons that may attempt to alter the look of the chat window (such as Prat's font sizing module.

The above steps are not guaranteed to work - this is an ongoing investigation!

Text too large?

In many cases ClearFont makes the text size slightly larger.
Therefore, in some rare cases text may slightly overlap the bottom of some frames, such as in the Honor Panel.

See Modifying ClearFont for methods for changing the text sizes, if necessary.

e. Other Info

Worried about slowdown / the download size?

Although ClearFont may seem a large download (due to the inclusion of the font files), the actual in-game memory footprint is tiny.
It should have little effect on load times as it merely replaces fonts rather than adds extra 'functions' to WoW.

People to thank!

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